The Ahlgood Movement

In a world in desperate need of change there has never been a better time to start. Start questioning old eating habits, put personal preferences aside, broaden the mind to be able to put the world before yourself.


It's not rocket science to understand that the food we are consuming has a major impact on the environment, around 25% of the total emissions in the world - whereas meat and dairy are the biggest contributors.

That's where we come in. An urge to make the transition from animal protein to plant protein as smooth as possible. Just as smooth as you when you say the word smoothie slowly. Get it?

Challenge preconceptions that plant based food is boring by offering tasty, delicious and utterly most importantly; recognizable dishes. We collaborate with schools, hospitals, restaurant chains - every player in the market that wants to make a change for real.

Some call it an academy. Others a seminar.

We call it the movement. The ahlgood movement.


Sounds interesting?

Give us a ring at 010 - 603 6000 or a shout in the contact form!

About Ahlgood

We want to be the natural choice for modern people who wants a simple way to add more goodness in there life...

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The Ahlgood Friends

Great friends are like four-leaf clovers. Very hard to find and when so, lucky to have. We believe it is an...

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