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We are proud to present the full range of the Ahlgood products. Complex intentions blended with simplistic thoughts and sweet dreams that leaves a good aftertaste. Enjoy our food on its own or even better, paired with good company.

Organic Grey Pea Falafel

A vegan, organic falafel based on Swedish organic and KRAV grey and autumn peas from our friends Nor... ...

Vegan Shapeable Soy Mince

A mince based on soybeans with a texture and taste that will blow your mind. Best thing? Shape it like you mean it!  ...

Pulled Jackfruit Basic

Do you want pulled pork, but without the piggy? Look no further, this pulled jackfruit solves just that! Jackfruit, huh? ...

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Hi, we are

– how are you?

We embrace all good things and when things are all good. Things that are good for everyone and everything, or for as many as possible at least. Regardless of age, specie, sex, color of boots, planet of origin etc.

And of course, this includes good food for all good moments.

Call us optimists, or idiots, but for us the glass is always half full. Or in this case the packaging. Which is more than half full by the way.

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Nevertheless. Our journey started in 2010 with a vision to make modern sustainable food accessible. And yummy. We could say that we totally wanted to change the world, but that wouldn’t be completely true. It was more of an urge to make it a little bit better for more. Step by step. Back then ”vegetarian” was synonymous with crappy hunter. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but almost. It sure felt like it sometimes. However, today we know this isn’t true. The green is here to stay. Or that’s what we think anyway.

Back to the good food for the good moments. Regardless how you categorise a good moment. Maybe it ́s the first (vegan) ice-cream of the year, or a beer with a friend you haven’t met in a while (or meet every day), or the kiss with a new (or old) love, or (not) doing your morning run, or surfing a wave (or just the internet), or arriving to a new (or getting back to your own) city. This is what our food philosophy is all about. Capturing the feeling of when everything is alright, when life is all good into a meal.

Please enjoy
/ The Ahlgood-team

Please send us an email or give us a call today. We will answer right away (if we ́re not super-busy with very important stuff, cause if so, we will get back to you asap)!


Call us at 010 - 603 6000

Visit us at: Varlabergsvägen 10, 434 39 Kungsbacka

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